Ms Prabhnoor

Ms Prabhnoor

Here I have undergone braces treatment .result has come out very good. There is lot of change in my look.I wish them good luck.

Ms Usha Maken

I am coming to Dr panwar from past 15 years.he has very good command over his work.I am very happy to get treated by him.thank you Dr panwar to saving my teeth without pain.

Mrs Charu Kapoor

This clinic has latest treatment equipment and very good sterilization. I am happy about my treatment. Dr and staff are also very friendly. Thank you for treating me without pain.

Mr Sanjeev Rampal

When I came to Dr Panwar I am not happy with my simile. Dr treated me with tooth coloured fillings now my smile looks good. I am satisfied with Dr work.I wish him the very best.

Mrs Kanta Devi

Dr panwar’s work is very good.I used 3dentures before made by different Drs none of them were good. Dr panwar made a good denture for I am able to eat comfortably. I wish him good luck.

Ms Archana Jha

Good job done by Doc, I will come again for any other dental treatment. Panwar dental clinic is the best clinic in panchkula.

Ms Vijye Kanwar

Me and my husband have been coming to panwar dental clinic from last two years. we both have got RCT and capping absolutely fine and painless treatment thanks to Dr Panwar.

Mr Amir Singh

I am coming to Dr Panwar since three years for my son’s orthodontic treatment in the meantime I was also convinced for orthodontic alignment for my teeth too. I am happy and satisfied with treatment. I wish great success to Dr Panwar and team.

Master Shivang Sahni

I am diabetic and hypertensive patient I was very scared to get my teeth removed. Dr removed my teeth painlessly .now I am confident in going for other treatments also. I thank Dr panwar and staff very much.

Nalini Chawla

Its a place for perfect dental care. And more than that, clean and skilled dentists. My husband and I are always satisfied on our visits.