Root Canal Treatment


Root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, is required when the nerve or blood supply of the tooth is damaged or infected through any injury or decay. An individual may not feel any pain in the early stages of the infection but when the infection reaches the root of your tooth, you may experience shooting pain. Also, in many cases, the tooth of a person darkens in color, which simply means that the tooth nerve has died. Such cases would certainly need root canal surgery.

Why do you need root canal treatment?

The infection that has reached to the pulp of your tooth may spread to the root canal system of the tooth. This often leads to an abscess – an inflamed area containing pus and causes swelling of the tissues around the tooth. An abscess symptoms range from mild to severe pain and the tooth may become loose when you bite. If the root canal treatment is not performed in time, your tooth may have to be taken off.

How is root canal treatment carried out?

The primary motive of root canal treatment is to eliminate all the infection from the root canal. The root of the infected tooth is then cleaned and filled to prevent any further damage.
Root canal treatment is an extremely time-consuming and skilled treatment that requires at least 2 or 3 visits to the dentist.
After close examination, if it is found that you need root canal treatment, we will perform the procedure in 3 appointments.

The treatment is usually as follows:

  • We infuse a local anesthetic into your mouth to ensure you’re not in pain during the treatment.
  • A small hole is created in your mouth to get direct access to the nerve chamber of your tooth. This helps in getting rid of any bacteria that may be present in your tooth as well as removing the dying tissue.
  • After this cleaning process, we fill the canal, ensuring it is prevented from any further infections.
  • Once this procedure is done, the patient may experience a little discomfort or pain, but following the treatment the infection should begin to clear completely.

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