A pleasing smile is worth millions. It can positively influence your career growth and your love life. If crooked or misaligned teeth discourage you from smiling, you should probably check out our Invisalign® treatment. Your comfort comes first at Panwar dental clinic. Our dental office is devoted to reshape the smiles and establish good oral health in the beautiful people of Chandigarh and the cities around. Invisalign® system is one of the most advanced forms of orthodontic treatment which has helped us in crafting attractive smiles. Our dentist Dr. Panwar does exceptionally well to achieve the best for her patients. Her knowledge and her excellence in dental treatment have earned her respect and trust of the people in the city. Patients discuss with her the changes they expect from Invisalign® orthodontic treatment and Dr. Sheth does just what is required to bring proper alignment in teeth and enhance the beauty of the smile.

Straight Teeth for Good Health

Straight and well-aligned teeth are required from both aesthetic and health perspectives of a person. There are many health factors which are associated with crooked or misaligned teeth. When teeth are not properly aligned a number of dental problems can spring up in a person. Improperly aligned teeth can make the smile look less attractive.
When the teeth are crooked, there is imbalance in forces acting on each tooth which can lead to tooth wear
Periodontal diseases can arise if patients are not able to maintain proper oral hygiene because of misalignment
Malocclusion or bad bite can lead to pain in jaw joints because of imbalance in forces

Why Invisalign?

There a number of reasons why Invisalign® aligners are better than other orthodontic treatments. Invisalign® system is comfortable, convenient and it does not intervene with the lifestyle of patients.

  • The aligners are invisible which means you can be more open about your smile during the treatment.
  • They are made of special type of plastic which is smoothly finished and hence causes no discomfort when worn over teeth.
  • Patients can remove the aligners during the day. This lets them maintain good oral hygiene.

Invisalign Treatment

The treatment with Invisalign® requires special training. Our dentist firstly performs an examination to see if you have periodontal disease. Patients with periodontal disease can be treated with Invisalign® aligners only after getting the disease cured. The patient and our dentist sit together to discuss about the changes expected from the treatment. Through 3D digital imaging a computerized treatment plan is set up. Our dentist shows the expected results to patients and makes any corrections if necessary. A series of aligners are prepared specifically for the patient in the lab. Each pair of aligner is worn for two weeks. They should be replaced with new pair of aligners after every two weeks. Patients should visit our dentist at least once in 2 months for routine check up. Our dentist checks the progress in the condition. Panwar dental clinic is the right places for Invisalign services.